Tower Entry
Ahh, you have stepped inside. Let me put another log on the, sit and enjoy my favorite view in the tower while I introduce myself. I am known as Clarissa Ruth, known by some as a healer, by others as a traveler of worlds. Yet who I am is not that important to know. What is vital is to know Who I represent. By telling you about me, I wish to tell about Him.  I am an ambassador, come to share about my Master.  I come from my birth world to this one, which most will know as Cruinne, but I prefer to call Cheled, from the old, sacred tongue.

Chances are, we share birth worlds. In this one I am only allowed as a visitor, like you. Yet here, where stars reveal truth and treasures are to be found, perhaps we may both enjoy the journey of discovery.
You may wonder how I came to be here, in this world which is not my own. There are many kinds of magic—some given to men, some beyond their reach. Some that we call magic is but a normal thing to my Master and His creativity, like travel such as this. Many of you are travelers like myself, visiting different worlds, and know this process well. To the newcomers to this journey and those curious to know how this is possible, I give this exhortation: 
Embrace the power of imagination.
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