Tower Entry
Welcome to my Scriptorium! This is my favorite room in the tower, and has lots of potential for growth, which is coming. By now, maybe you are tired of me saying "when it is ready," but every good thing takes time. I beg your patience as I prepare the rest of the tower.

For now, I can tell you a little of what this room is, and what it will be. You can see the desk, and implements of writing on it. It is only proper that I share about my books here. As a bonus, I plan to give further information about Cheled. All this will be done via a map I am drawing. It will hang above the desk and take you to explore information about various locations in Cheled, and the books (Gateways) that may be prepared there. The map contains the entire world, so most places have mere outlines at this time. I am collecting records from all over Cheled to fully complete the map, but that will take years--maybe decades. In the meantime, we can enjoy what information we have.

Within each book is a story unlike many you have read. The sword-play gives the books spice; the mysterious creatures add a unique texture; each twist of the plot and all the inner turmoil of the character provide amazing side dishes. The main courses consist of stories of truth and heart, stories of people who struggle like you and me, all set in a world where spiritual forces and truth come alive to the senses. If you are like me, and enjoy the taste of a different kind of fantasy novel, stick around. The tower and all it contains is only the pre-dinner entertainment.