Tower Entry
Peering out this window of the tower, you see a glimpse of Cheled's starry sky. To one born in Cheled, who follows my Master, the stars are an incredible reminder. Soon, in the Scriptorium, I will share more of this world, and the books I have written about it.

In your world (depending on which you come from), you may have heard of a strange thing called a “blog.” This oddly-named object is a mystery to me, but in my few dealings with this entity, I have learned a little, and will attempt to apply it here. It will not be a “blog,” but instead, a series of collections. Each constellation (when completed) will lead you to a topic of thought and writ, composed for your interest if you so choose.

I must apologize to those who have a different birth world than myself. In these collections, I mention things in my world to give illustration, and those from Middle Earth, Alagaesia,  Sendaria, Narnia, and the many other realms will not understand these references.
However, along with these writings, I explain the special meaning each constellation has for those in Cheled who know of such things. This information will be comprehensible to all.

The constellations are still in the making, but when they are ready they will lead you to these writings. In the meantime, feel free to wander the tower at will.